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We're happy you're here. Sit back, relax and enjoy your visit to our state. Tennessee...sounds good to me.

Tennessee's State Motto is Agriculture and Commerce - and we have lots of both.

The Tulip Poplar is our State Tree. It's a lovely tree, bearing beautiful blossoms and it grows straight and tall.

Tennessee chose the Mockingbird as its State bird...a wise choice! These little birds can mimic the songs of almost every song bird. Listen to the Mockingbird.

Isn't the "flag" a lovely flower? They bloom in a variety of colors.

OK, this takes care of all the nitty gritty. Now...let's go see the beautiful State of Tennessee.

Oh, before I forget, you're listening to our state song, "The Tennessee Waltz." Just click on the license plate, and we'll be off to the Tennessee mountains.

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