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NOTE: Most of you will remember the lovely tour of South Carolina that Trudy did for us some time ago. Sadly, Geocities had a major glitch occur recently which destroyed Trudy's tour. This is our attempt to be sure we have all 50 states covered, but, in no way, is an attempt to replace Trudy's tour. Having said that....

South Carolina was granted statehood on May 23, 1788. Its nickname is The Palmetto State.

A crescent moon and a Palmetto Tree grace the lovely flag of South Carolina.

The State Seal

Their state song is entitled "Carolina," and, if you have your volume up, you're listening to it.

The sweet warbling of South Carolina's State Bird, the Great Carolina Wren, can be heard throughout the state.

The Sabal Palmetto stands proudly as the state tree.

The Yellow Jessemine cheerfully represents South Carolina as its state flower.

South Carolina, along with many other states, chose the White Tailed Deer as their state animal.

South Carolina is sandwiched between North Carolina and Georgia, the only two states bordering South Carolina.

Are you ready to see this gorgeous southern state? OK, just click on this older brother of our chevy, and we'll be off.