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You Are Listening To "The Green, Green Grass of Home"

This tour is dedicated to the memory of those lost in the terrorist attacks on New York City; and Washington, D. C. on September 11, 2001; to those heroic passengers on the flight that crashed outside Pittsburgh, PA who sacrificed their lives by attacking the terrorists and forcing the plane to crash before it could hit another building, and to those brave rescue workers who struggle to find the victims. God bless America, still the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

We are so blessed to be living in the United States of America. Despite its faults, and we do have some, there is no other place on earth we would rather live. Let's visit this beautiful country of ours....From Sea To Shining Sea.

The United States is sandwiched between the mighty Atlantic Ocean on our East Coast...

and the rocky-shored Pacific Ocean on our West Coast.

But it's the land and the people in between that make up the United States of America. Our topography is as varied as any country in the world. There is something for everyone.

Do you love mountains, as we do? Our choice is wide and varied. From the green and rolling Blue Ridge Mountains, Appalachians or Great Smoky Mountains...

to the majestic and rugged Rocky Mountains and Grand Tetons.

Our mountains offer beauty, serenity and peace.

For those of you who love the beach, the U.S. boasts some of the greatest beaches in the world.

We have beaches on the East Coast, West Coast, our southern coast (don't forget the Gulf of Mexico states), and yes, our north coast. The Great Lakes have wonderful beaches. Even though it may not be "sandwiched" between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, we must remember the awesome beaches in Hawaii.

Just don't forget to take along plenty of sun block.

Whether you choose one of the myriad of interstate highways...

Or prefer to travel on the secondary roads that run over and under the interstates...

They will all take you from sea to shining sea.

Our country has many and varied deserts. Most folks picture deserts looking like the one below...and sometimes they do.

Ahh, but in the springtime when the suguaro, ocatillo, beavertail, cholla, yucca, aloe and others come to life, the desert is a blanket of rampant colors.

Our country is blessed with many serene forests where we can just walk and enjoy nature...

Or go camping, fishing and picture taking. They're a photographer's dream.