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You Are Listening To "We've Only Just Begun"

For those of us who love the water, our country abounds with rivers, lakes, creeks - and, yes, some are still unpolluted, like this lovely lake in our Last Frontier State, Alaska.

Boating, fishing, water skiing, jet skiing, swimming, our waterways provide much recreation. Here is the beautiful Shenandoah River in Virginia.

Then there's America's Great Plains. Here you will see mile after mile of beautiful golden wheat fields.

...and mile after mile of ripening corn.

So, you may ask, what's so great about our Great Plains. They don't have oceans, they don't have mountains. They are America's Heartland. Look at it this way. Without our Great Plains, what would hold our East and West Coasts together? America's Heartland is America's keystone.

Our country has countless waterfalls. Their beauty is breathtaking, their sound is soothing. From the mighty and powerful Niagara Falls...

To those buried deep in a secluded forest, perhaps never or seldom seen. Waterfalls give us a trip into serenity.

Our country sports quite a few "holes in the ground", too. How about the magnificent and awe-inspiring Grand Canyon of Arizona?

Or the green and lovely Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania?

A bit more than just "holes in the ground" ~~ wouldn't you agree?

We even have volcanoes. This is the eerily beautiful Mount Saint Helens in Washington. Most of us are familiar with the more active ones in Hawaii.

Let's not forget, as we travel, the beauty below the surface of our country. It is crisscrossed with myriads of caverns.

The hauntingly beautiful Caverns of Luray in Virginia's Shenandoah Mountains

The awesome Carlsbad Caverns in the Guadalupe Mountains of New Mexico.


We have so many privileges in our country that are not available to citizens of many other countries. We are free to travel, wherever and whenever we please. The boundaries between our states are invisible. There are no check points, no gates with guards, no visas required. We take these liberties so much for granted. Many of our gallant young men and women have died so we can travel from Sea to Shining Sea.

We can go by car....

Or hop on an airplane.

Take the train. It's a great way to travel.

We can pack up all our troubles in an old RV and ride, ride, ride.

There are those of us who still prefer to travel by bus.

Or we can cruise many of our rivers on a steamboat. The choice is ours. The keyword is "choice".

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