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I've arranged a real treat for all of us. A couple hours of scuba diving. Come on, now! It's perfectly safe. There are a few poisonous fish in these waters, so it's best not to try to touch any of them. Also, you may see some unexploded ammunition from World War II. DO NOT TOUCH IT! It's dangerous.

Look ... Donna and her mother, Lillian, are already in the water. This is an entirely different world. Last one in the water has to wash the Chevy.

Just look at this lovely coral garden in full bloom

Many of you are familiar with our dog, Shadow. She's pretty well known on the internet. Since she suffers from severe separation anxiety, we had to bring her along with us. Of course, Shadow can't go scuba diving, so.....

she's just going to hang out in her raft, floating in the bay until we surface again. Don't get too much sun, Shadow.

Now that we've checked on Shadow, we'll continue our swim past this beautiful pink coral.

Here's our Carolynrose checking out a brain coral. Easy to understand why it's called that.

Just look how clear the water is.

These strange-looking things are Elephant's Ear Polyps. They're usually loners, but, occasionally, you can find groups of them.

This coral looks like Autumn undersea. Isn't it lovely?

We could spend all day here, but I see some of our divers are beginning to look like prunes, so I guess we'd better call it a day. Just click on the diver and he'll take us to the surface.