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Agana (pronounced AGAN`-YA) was formally changed to Hapatna (pronounced HA-POT`-NYA), but most folks still refer to this modern city as Agana.

Many places in Guam are named for body parts. Agana, in the Chamorro language, means blood. The capital city is the lifeblood of Guam.

"Say hello to the Governor and Lieutenant Governor of Guam - Carl T. C. Gutierrez and Madeleine Z. Bordallo.

This is the Governor's House. Isn't it lovely?

This is the government complex housing the Governor's office and other official department headquarters.

Here's an interesting note. Guam is 15 hours ahead of our Eastern Standard Time - so Guam is where America's day begins.

Dulce Nombre de Maria {Sweet Name of Mary} Cathedral Basilica

This majestic structure is located on the site where the first Catholic church on Guam was constructed in 1669 under the guidance of Padre San Vitores. The present building looms above the palm trees and is a familiar landmark in downtown Agana. The original structure was demolished during WWII.

Construction for the present cathedral began in 1955 and was finished in 1958. The cathedral, now a part of Guam's Register of Historic Places, was a project headed by Bishop Appolinaris Baumgartner, designed by Antonio Bilamalanta and Built by Frank D. Perez and Perez Bros.

The Spanish Occupation March 6, 1521-June 20, 1898

Chief Kepuha was Guam's first Catholic chief. The name Kepuha or Quipuha means "striving to capsize". He granted the lands upon which the Basilica stands. The Basilica is the first Catholic church on Guam erected in 1669.

Fronting the Chief Kepuha statue is the "Boat Basin" at Paseo de Susanna a peninsula created from the debris of war-torn Agana or Hagta. Guam has the distinction of being the only populated U.S. soil invaded on Dec 8 1941 and occupied by another country during WWII

On April 2, 1672, Padre San Vitores and his Filipino assistant, Pedro Calansor were killed by a bone-tip lance and cutlass by Chief Mata'pang ("alert eye") of Tomhom {Tumon} and Chief Hurao. The name Hurao or Hirao means "emotion, caring, attention, heed". Padre San Vitores had baptized the Chief Mata'pang's baby girl without the Chief's consent.

Guam is a country rich in history. I see granny is getting eager for us to move along and see some historical places. Just give her a click and we'll be off.